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About Us

The Jersey Monumental Company has been the home of great craftsmanship since 1872 and in the hands of the Reynolds family since 1956.  Our predecessors supplied memorials for the local community, using local granite or marble from Italy.

Much has changed since then - we don’t wear hats and waistcoats to work for one thing and technology has taken the hard work out of cutting stone, but the most important things are handed on.  We still possess the skill to cut stone by hand, take just as much pride in looking after the very individual needs of our customers and are passionate about the magnificence of our finished products.

Over the years the beauty and durability of natural stone has been recognised for its ability to enhance our living space, and our business has adapted and grown with demand. Our local factory and showrooms at La Collette is now where we show what comfort, luxury and beauty are now achievable for your home.