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About Us

R&D Auctions is a family run business, Robin & Dominic can be found in the auction room during the week. But when it's auction night both Wendy and Michelle join the team and can be found in the busy office. R & D Auctions is customer focussed and always willing to assist.   

The business was founded 5 years ago trading online, once Robin decided to retire from the Fire Service and Dominic had completed college it was then agreed to find a location to create an auction house in St Helier.  Over the past 25 years Robin has a strong following of auctions and can be found at fairs both on Island and in the UK, he is most interested in Toys and modern collectables. Dominic also attended auctions with Robin and is very interested in items of silverware as well as jewellery.

At this moment in time an auction is held on a Thursday evening every fortnight. This enables people who work during the week to attend the sale.

Buying and selling goods,