About Us

Why choose us?

Our goal, simply stated, is to be the best. To achieve this goal every consideration will be made to you, our customer, to ensure a smooth installation process. However, we will require your assistance to meet this aim.

We shall carefully remove the existing windows/doors keeping damage to a minimum. After the installation of your new windows/doors we shall make good as necessary and leave your property clean and tidy. Should curtains, blinds, poles etc need removing this, unless agreed otherwise, should be carried out by the customer. Likewise all furniture should be moved to allow a clear working area, and to ensure their safety all children and pets should be kept away from the working area, tools, materials and vans.

With both parties following the above steps our goal should be achieved.

Speed vs price - it’s your choice

We have modern fabrication facilities for creating bespoke items at our factory. However it is a fact of Jersey life that it is often cheaper to order pre-built items from the UK. What we can give you then is a choice. If speed is of the utmost importance then we can provide that by using or own facilities. If you are less concerned with speed then we can give you a less expensive alternative but with the same level of quality by using one of our UK partners.

Another fact of life that can not be avoided is the dreaded mistake! Should it be ours (mis-measurement) or some-one else's (window frames have been known to suffer damage in transit!) we are invariably able to manufacture a replacement within hours.

Domestic and commercial expertise

Although the majority of our installations are for the domestic market, we are proud to be the preferred choice for many commercial projects within Jersey. Many examples of this diverse and challenging work can be witnessed throughout the island.


Whatever your requirements we are able to provide the product in the material of your choice - and the choices are many.

PVCu, aluminium and timber account for the most obvious options, but composite products are becoming increasingly popular as they often combine the advantages of two different materials. Options in this category include Aluminium/Timber, Aluminium/PVCu and GRP/high density foam.